Performance Training

Accelerating Athletes Accelerating Teams


We partner with clubs, coaches, and groups to build team speed, confidence, and athleticism so your players can dominate in their sport. 


Our speed program will improve sprint mechanics, deceleration, acceleration and top end speed. Athletes will enhance flexibility, mobility and injury prevention.

Power (Plyometrics)

AFP athletes are not only strong, but explosive on the field and court. Our training methods focuses on progressing overall power, jumping ability, and functional strength for the athletes' specific style of play. 

Agility (Acceleration)

By developing balance, coordination, speed, reflex, and endurance, athletes will have efficient and effective multidirectional movements that are pivotal to the success in any sport. 

Skill Development

We incorporate sport specific skill development drills that simulates competition. The combination of skill and performance drills allow athletes to play faster and smarter.